Hidden levitra werking
Complete Camouflage


A First Person Shooter

Stay Hidden

Hidden is a FPS where players color the environment to be camouflaged and outsmart their opponent.

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The Game

Hidden is a multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) in which opponents must fight against each other in different…

Gameplay Video

The video above shows the gameplay of the game. It takes you through all the levels available in…


Are you ready to hide?


The Makers

Daniel Albuquerque & arShaan Sarang

Game Designers | Game Programmers | Level Designers | UX Designers | Graphic Designers

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Daniel Albuquerque

Daniel Albuquerque is a game designer, programmer and developer with a background in art history. Daniel handled all…

arShaan Sarang

arShaan Sarang is a game and interaction designer with a background in graphic design. arShaan handled all the…

Play it


The Beta is out now!!

Free to download

The beta is available for PC and Mac. Feel free to download it and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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To get the game for pc click to download.


To get the game for mac click to download.

We rule the 7 kingdoms


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